Thursday, May 8, 2008

Patty Turns 200,000

Can you believe it! Patty the Pathfinder turned over 200,000 miles last week and I didn't even notice. That's 320,000 Kms. No wonder no one wants to buy my truck. That's okay because Patty has given me excellent service and has towed the Funfinder for the last 3 1/2 years. So I took her for a wash and vacuum and decided we will go for 300,000 miles.This morning I went by Sanborn's to pick up a Time magazine in English. Have you ever been to a Sanborn's? It is really something. They have a restaurant, bakery, and they also sell electronics, perfumes, scarves, ties, briefcases, etc. plus they sell Mexican crafts. Sanborn's is famous for their "enchiladas suizas". Chicken filled enchiladas covered in green salsa and smothered with melted cheese. Sanborn's is a good place to buy books, magazines, maps, and dictionaries in English and in Spanish.My friend and student, Thelma, took advantage of the five-day weekend and with her husband, two boys and her parents, drove to Guanjuato. They visited Celaya and Leon. She knows me very well and also know that I have a sweet tooth. She brought me back a real treat. Cajeta en caja. It is a little round box filled with cajeta (a mixture of milk, vanilla and sugar cooked into a caramel).On another note, with all the talk about the food crisis and shortages, Mexico has the second-highest rate of obesity in the world. Amazing! For a country that is supposed to be in dire poverty we have a lot of obese people walking around. I know there is little relation between good nutrition, health and obesity. Hard to believe.

The weather here in Monterrey has been hitting the high 90s and 100 for the last two days and they say it will reach 104 over the weekend. It looks like we will be taking off Friday for China. I will fill you in as the trip progresses.

Tomorrow morning I go for the blood workup for my annual checkup. Being over 50 now I have several tests planned for this year. I will post the results in terms of numbers as soon as I get them. Wish me luck. Today, no eggs, meat or alcohol. Ouch!

There is no past or future. Only the present. Be happy!

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