Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Shoe Shine and A Lamp


This morning I had a class cancellation. I like those. It gives me the time to do other things like running errands. Today I stayed longer at the gym and put together my list of "things to do" (pendientes). First on my list was a stop by the Home Depot. I needed to buy two light fixtures for the living room. While I was there, I saw a guy pulling into the parking lot with a leaf blower in the bed of his truck. I stopped him and asked if he did yard work. He gave me his card and we had a short conversation. I am looking for someone to do the yard work at home one day a week so I can do other things. So this afternoon Disiderio is coming to my house. He says he has a weird name and when I said that I do to (at least here in Mexico), I told him my name was Christopher. He said he has a brother named Christopher too. He is bringing him along. The good luck that I have, Christopher is an electrician and is going to install the lights, the dimmer switch, and fix a bad outlet I have. I'll post pics of these guys working later in the afternoon.
I also was on the lookout for a shoe shine. I found a guy setting up his stand in front of the supermarket. We talked a bit about what was up in the news and I asked him if he would mind me taking his picture. He was very happy to do so.You've just gotta love this country. My shoe shine cost 15 pesos, about $1.40 u.s. Hey, he has a job, makes a living and I don't have to shine my shoes. We are both happy. Off to the bank in my little town. I had to deposit a check and get some information on a home improvement loan. Sorry, but I couldn't take pictures in the bank but here is one of the main drag.
Well, with the best of intentions, I forgot to get a picture of the electrician working. He came with the whole family so that they could get out of the city. The kids loved running around in the yard and his wife enjoyed the peace and quiet. So here is a pic of the spot that he installed (2) in the living room, he also installed a dimmer switch and fixed a bad outlet.

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