Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Potrero Chico, N.L. Great For Mexico First-Timers

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Heading across the Mexican border for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for rvers. There is the paperwork, language barrier and then getting the heck on the road. Well, there is always good news as all roads lead South.

Border towns are just that, another aspect of Mexico but are really weigh stations for people heading North. They never seem to develop much as people who live there don't have intentions of ever staying (although they do). I've seen some great improvements over the years but the real rving action takes place after you cross the KM 26 checkpoint and head on the road.

One great place South of both Laredo and McAllen, Tx as a first stop is Potrero Chico. Potrero Chico is an international mountain climbing spot with 2000 ft high limestone peaks. It is easy to get to, has accomodations from primitive camping to hotels. Climbers as well as rvers come from all over to get a taste of the fresh mountain air.

Imagine, after a long morning of lines, paperwork and what some people consider a harrowing experience you can stumble in to Potero Chico and setup an early camp in less than two hours after crossing the border.

Campgrounds abound but don't look for any hookups here. Prices are in the 7 dollar a night range. A place to park the rig and hot showers are included. But wait till you see the mountains. There is an entrance to the park and paved roads inside. Restaurants and coffee shops are nearby including the town of Hidalgo.

This place is great for the mountain views, hiking, walking, and taking a rest before you head out on your Mexico adventure. As I said, all roads lead South and if you take the 85South from Laredo or Hwy 40 from Reynosa you will meet up with Hidalgo. Both highways offer "libres" (no charge) and "autopista" (toll highway). Toll highways are a safe bet and also come with insurance in case of accidents and are well-patrolled. We use both.

As you come across the 40, which also intersects with the 85, you will see the signs for Hidalgo. BTW, Hwy 40 takes you to Saltillo which is an rver destination (check the internet for the Hotel Imperial, Saltillo which has rv slots available). As you enter the town you will see the "green" signs that say "Potrero Chico". Just keep going. No tight curves, turns or narrow streets. This is an rvers paradise.

Everyone in Potero Chico speaks English too.


  1. What a wonderful blog. I'd love to travel down there with my trailer someday! You're an inspiration! Thanks. Judy B, San Francisco Bay area, CA

  2. Thanks Judy. Come on down and I would be happy to show you around. It is really fun and I know you would like it.