Friday, April 18, 2008

Zaragoza, N.L.

Hi everybody. I got a late start today as it is Friday and I have my "pendientes" or errands to do. I went to the dry cleaners, stopped by the HEB (we have 18 HEBs in Monterrey), bought acid and chlorine for the pool, stopped by the radio repair shop to pick up the CD player for the new trailer which needed repair. After I post here, I will cut the grass and then head for the "siesta" room for an hour nap before starting the week. I have posted a new poll regarding RV size. If you can, go over and click.

The last two years we have run across many jewels in our state of Nuevo Leon that we think are great for boondocking. Here is another one. Zaragoza is located in the South of the state (23º58´30´ latitude North by 99º46´longitude West). Elevation is 1,380 mts. Beautiful mountains surround Zaragoza and a small town with a population of 1600 people.

Because we don't have a state park system like in the states, some parks are concessions. El Salto is the concession park for Zaragoza and it has rental cabins and palapas with water and a sink workstation. There is no electicity in the camping areas. The park is located among several waterfalls and crystal clear pools. The nights are cold and daytime temps run between 20C and 25C degrees in the summer.

The concession is a trout farm that utilizes the fresh running water for the tanks. You can choose a fish to be netted and cleaned for about 40 pesos. Cook that baby up on the grill and you'll have some fine eating.

Hiking and relaxing is what this spot is good for as you continue your travels throughout the Nuevo Leon as well as the rest of Mexico. As you wander around the town you will find a couple of small bakeries and also the best homemade flour tortillas in the North of Mexico.

Getting there is easy. You have two options. One is from Saltillo heading South on Hwy 57 and heading East at the Entronque San Roberto (Hwy 31 to Galeana) and then head South on Hwy 61 to Ascension/Aramberri. Option 2 from Monterrey; Hwy85 South to Linares heading West on Hwy 31 to Galeana then South to Hwy61 to Ascension/Aramberri.

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