Saturday, April 19, 2008

Club Campestre Monte Sur (Montemorelos, N.L.)

I spent the night in Allende and as I am writing this blog this little guy perched on the kitchen window and started tapping at his reflection.

Club Campestre Monte Sur
65 Kms South of Monterrey lies Montemorelos. We have another piece of land in Club Campestre Monte Sur. What is a club campestre? This type of club is located outside the city in the countryside and the owners buy shares in the club. For each piece of land you buy you own one share.

In our case, we purchased 1500 sq mts which equals two shares. There is a monthly maintenance fee of 285 pesos. This pays for all the maintenance of the swimming pools, club house, common areas, showers and restrooms, tennis courts, gym, basketball, and thegrounds. There are over 200 palapas constructed of rock with tile roofs and have lights, electric connections and a grill. Monte Sure is surrounded wonderful mountain views and provided great sunsets.

Most people never build on their land but use the club on weekends. They take their tents and in our case our rv, spend the weekend swimming and hiking. During summer and Spring break there are hundreds of campsites.

For guests who want to come along there is a two-dollar charge. I have been working with Monte Sur to make allowances for rvers so that they spend a night or two as this would also be a convenient stop on their way heading South after crossing the border.

Currently, a share or piece of land is selling for around 75,000 pesos. In the photos you can see our neighbors cabin.

They live there full-time and that is why we had wanted to join the club. During the week and Winter time, there is no one there but a handful of retirees.

Let’s see what happens. We may just keep the place as we don’t plan on building a pool at our new place in Allende, and rvers could take advantage of our share in Monte Sur and stay for 2 dollars a night.

Over the next week or so, I would like to share our adventures to the “Copper Canyon” in Chihuahua. It was quite a trip as we boondocked along the way and spent several nights along the rim of the canyon as well as taking the train from San Rafael to El Fuerte.

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  1. i will love to go and start a living there....i sounds great!!!