Monday, April 14, 2008

Keeping Fit In Mexico

Wow, it was some weekend. Yesterday company came. We spent the day around the pool and had a "carne asada". The kids had a ball playing in the water with goggles, balls, and inflatable toys. The grownups got a good workout too. We even taught a couple to swim underwater which for them was a real task. Always in the teacher mode here at Quinta Aruanda. Someday I'll tell you the story be Aruanda or maybe someone knows. The name really fits the place. In fact, it fits so much that the new place in Allende will be Aruanda II.

One of the problems rvers face here in Mexico is that they come here for the Winter and have too much fun. Margaritas, Mexican food which includes, enchiladas, flautas, sopes, tacos, tostadas, do I need to go on? So you know what happens when they leave. Diet time, months of low-cal, low-fat eating. So my solution is just to stay fit and limit those wonder foods we call "antojitos". Exercise is the key.

I go to the gym on a daily basis. Even when on the road, you can just about find a gym in every town. You can see in today's pics the front of my gym and the spinning room. I start my day at 4:45 a.m. Coffee is ready because I have it on a timer. I love timers, I use them on lamps, coffee maker, swimming pool, outdoor sprinklers and lighting. One less thing for me to forget. So I get my cup of joe and head for the newsroom. 15 minutes of ABC Morning News and 15 minutes or so of local news in Español. After that it is off to the gym.

I get to the gym before 6a.m. I do 30 minutes of cardio and one hour of weights. Early in the morning the regulars show up. One regular who is an inspiration to all of us is Señora Dorita. She is 75 years old and works out three hours a day. One hour of spinning, one hour of weights and she takes an aerobics class. She also dances tango with her "dance partner". I think they have something going. Last week I saw here in the aerobics room on her back with her legs over her head doing scissors. She has the body to prove it.

I am posting a link to Gold's Gym Mexico. They have 15 locations around Mexico and are building more. So if you have a membership in the U.S. or Canada you can use it here. This can be a real advantage for rvers. Once in a while on the road, you like to have a nice long hot shower and steam room. Well, this is the answer. If you don't have a membership to Gold's, Bally Fitness or many others here in Mexico, find a small local gym. They usually charge 20 pesos for the day. You can workout, steam up and then hit the showers. What a deal.

Today I am headed out to our little town of El Cercado for a haircut. Luis cuts my hair for 50 pesos (4.75u.s.) and spends at least 45 minutes making sure it is just right. He also takes care of the personal areas, ears, nose, and those bushy old man eyebrows I am getting.

After that I will visit a company here that makes small office trailers to seek advice for blocking and leveling the new trailer in Allende. If I do that and take the wheels off, the insurance company will insure it as a house. Much cheaper than an rv rate.

Well, have a good day and if you have any suggestions, requests or comments for my blog that you would like to see just drop me a line.

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