Monday, April 28, 2008

A Short Week
This is a short work week as we have a five day weekend coming up. I explain them as they arrive and give you an idea of what people around here do on a long weekend.

I stopped by Costco and Walmart this morning on my way home. I needed to pick up a couple of birthday cards and look for some new jeans. I hate buying clothes and worse than that, I hate trying things on. My tastes are simple and I am not a fashion type of guy. Some people say I'm cheap, I say I am practicle.

You can see by the photo that Monterrey looks pretty much like any other big city. Mexico loves big box stores. Do you know why? Big box stores charge the IVA (value added tax) and pay regularly to the government. You call him Uncle Sam or Uncle Sugar. Her we call her "Lolita". Because most street markets, pulgas, tiangis or stalls and flea markets are formal businesses and not registered, no tax is paid. So can you believe we have 4 Walmarts, 2 Costco, 1 City Club and now 20 HEB supermarkets.

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