Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Galeana, Nuevo Leon


Geoff and Sandy Come to Visit

Geoff and Sandy are from Manitoba Canada. They are visiting family in Saltillo. I met Geoff via the rv.net a couple of years ago and we have always talked about getting together. They are great people (like all Canadians) and we went down to the lake for lunch. We ate at a seafood restaurant calle "Puerto Rico". Sandy had marlin tacos, Geoff- camarones al diablo (spicy shrimp in a delicious sauce) and I had a large shrimp cocktail. Conversation was great and they even got in a little shopping. Glad they stopped by.


I guess it's time to get to the boondocking sites around here and introduce you to my beautiful state of Nuevo Leon (N.L.). Nuevo Leon and Texas have a lot in common. For one, they both want or wanted to secede from the union. Mexico found a way around that and took much of the state away and gave it to Tamaulipas. If you look at a map, you will see that there is only a very small stretch (about 50kms) along the border that belongs to N.L. This is the Columbia bridge that crossed into the U.S. It is a great crossing point as there is very little traffic and has a toll road off of the I-35 South from San Antonio that takes you directly into the bridge. By doing this, you will by-pass both Laredo, Tx and Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.

Galeana, N.L. is located south west of Monterrey. Getting there is relatively easy. As you pass through Monterrey heading south, you will travel to Linares (138kms). As you get to the intersection of Linares and the Hwy 85 you take a right turn and the road is clearly marked "Galeana". What's so special about Galeana? Galeana is home to our state's only "cenote" or sinkhole "El Pozo del Gavilan". It is located outside of town on a ranch that is open to the public. What makes the sinkhole so wonderful is the surrounding views as well as the animal life that appears every morning at sunrise. So yes, you would want to boondock there. It is very peaceful and quiet.

Safety is not an issue. Take the necessary precautions when boondocking at night that you would in any other location. Again, we have been boondocking Mexico for many years and have never had an issue.

Should you ever be in the area or are heading this way, you can email me and I can personally help navigate you and your rv through the city or around it.

Any questions, comments or suggestions pls feel free to email me.

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