Saturday, April 12, 2008

Receiving Mail In Mexico

After all these years, I am still connected to the U.S. in many ways. With a large family there (9 brothers and sisters), countless neices and nephews, friends, etc., receiving mail is important. One thing is to be said for the U.S. and that is their mail system. It is a true working wonder. However, here in Mexico the mail system can be a bit slow. Oh, I receive my mail, but it can take up to a couple of weeks coming from the U.S. and when you have accounts to pay and manage, plus all my great RV magazines, and brochures I don't want to miss a thing.

So for many years I have maintained a U.S. mailbox here in Mexico. As you can see in the picture, I go here everyday on my way home from the city to stop and check my mail. The cost is roughly $20 dollars a month. I have a smaller box but it handles all my mail quite well.

Here is how it works. I have two mailbox addresses. One is in Laredo, TX and the other here in Monterrey. My U.S. mail is sent to my Laredo mailing address and the mailbox company brings it down the next day. My Mexico mailbox address I can use here and receive the mail very quickly as it is a centrally located business and receives bulk mail all under the same address. Out here on the ranch, well, my mailman knows me and he does his best on his motorcycle to bring me the little mail I do receive at the house. He has a large territory to cover. He knows when I receive something important and he will call me if he can't get here within the week.

You have to learn how to manage your mailbox. Remember that this is a business and they want to charge you for everything. Examples; DVDs, CDs and books received from the U.S. have a cost of $7 dollars . Remember that anything that comes across the border is checked by customs and there is a shipping and handling charge. One family reunion in the U.S. I left a pair of flip-flops. My oldest brother sent them in a box for a dollar. I was charged $12 dollars for the delivery. So now, family knows not to send anything but cards, letters, etc.

If you do want to order something like I do, an rv item, something large or expensive, I have it sent to the Laredo address and when it arrives I am notified via a mailbox notice. I refuse delivery and in my free time will drive to Laredo to pick it up. There they charge a flat $6 dollar handling fee.

My mailbox works out great as I can use it for business to should I decide to sell things on E-bay or from my home.

Today is Saturday and we put the ad in the paper again for the house. Let's see if we get some bites.

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