Saturday, December 8, 2012

At Our Favorite Spot

Yesterday was a relaxing drive to SMA from Matehuala.  We were able to say goodbye to Jerry and Paula.  Sal and Barb had taken off earlier in the morning as they had a much longer drive.  We sailed along at a reduced speed of 90 kms per hour.  Worked beautifully.  Pulling the trailer we were able to average 13 mpg.   No longer in a hurry and the bumps and imperfections are less noticable as well as being able to see the sights when some yells, "hey look at that".  

The pictures below are from the Hwy 57.  This is the turn off to Guadalcázar, SLP.  Heading south, you turn here to the East.  There is a parador on the right so you can pull to the right to make a wide turn or park until traffic clears.  Guadalcázar is a pueblo magico.  We have boondocked there many times.   It is about 10 kms from the 57 to town and when you arrive you pass what appears to be an abandoned plaza, in good condition but nothing happening.  This is where you park.   From there you can walk to the next plaza which is the plaza principal.  The police station is there and just ask for permission.  They will tell you that it is a safe place and they will keep an eye on you.

Another option for the more adventurous and with a forty foot bus, you can take the road to town but turn left where it says Realejo de Guadalcázar.  This takes you up the mountains and it is beautiful.  You can do a search for it here on the blog for more info.  We went up there over a year ago.

We arrived in SMA around 2:15 and gassed up before we headed to the botanical gardens.  Mario, the director, was happy to see us again and we chatted for a bit before parking the rv.   We have a great spot and not sure why more rvers don't take advantage of the place.  We maintain a membership there as our way of paying for our spot and it gives us access to the gardens as well as the internet.  It is so quiet and peaceful there, the sunsets are to die for.   We will try to take a pic tonight or tomorrow night.

We took a nap and then headed over to Weber's to see who was there.   A great place if you have a small rv like a class B or a truck camper.   We found Jerry sitting outside enjoying a beverage and Paula was inside.  When she heard us talking she came out.  We weren't intending on staying but just to see if they got there okay and that we were parked up at the park.

It was really cold last night and we ran the furnace all night.   The batteries showed it too this morning.  I fired up the generator (which I hope we won't have to do much longer and got a good charge for today and tonight. 

This morning, Saturday, we went and bought some multigrano bread at the Canadian bakery.  We drove past La Siesta and it does look like it is down for more than a nap.  Sad to see the place just sitting there.  We headed on down to the Hotel Rosewood where they have the organic market on Saturdays.  We had a gordita and that should hold us until lunch.

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  1. Nice. We also enjoyed parking at the botanical gardens.