Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Day!

On our way to Ajijic (backseat pilots)
I didn't get a chance to post yesterday but we are parked down by the tower.  Croft, all you need is your hawking device, Kevin's works great.   We are poor teachers so we have to make do!
I stayed at home yesterday, feeling not so hot after my fall at the waterfalls, plus I think I had some kind of bug.  Got tired of that **** real fast and we ended up at the family bar-b-que.    All the neighbors came out, cooked what ever they wanted on the grill and we shared a very nice dinner.   Lots of fun.
Today we went for a drive to Ajijic.  First time we have ever been there.  Close to Croft and Norma, I hope they make it up the hill to visit all of us.   Kevin took "the little blue car" and we talked up a storm all the way.  Ruth brought along some great granola bars she had made and that held us over until we were done with our side trips. 
Passing by Lake Chapala

We took care of some business at immigration (good local office).  Then we stopped by GringoMart (Wally World) and stocked up on some supplies.  Funny, it was mostly vodka (Oso Negra at 59 pesos a liter) and popcorn, peanuts and snacks to take to happy hours.  We don't like to go empty handed.
Thanks to Brian and Sue who we will meet in a few days, we found a solar store that has just about everything.  Got some prices and checked things out.   They didn't have what we wanted but said it could be had in two business days.   We need to get that panel up and running.   Did I mention that we had a few loose connections and thanks to Kevin and Sal we are now running well on batteries.  We ran the laptops, furnace, LEDs, a small fan and other odds and ends all night waking up to 12.2 on our meter.   Very happy.  I learned quite a bit from Kevin as we checked things out.   More to learn though.
On our way home today we stopped for some birria de chivo.   Very good with excellent tortillas.  We arrived back at the park just in time for happy hour and decorating the tree.   Lots of fun.   There is a little "pino" in front of our rv.  I think we will dress it with Christmas light tomorrow.
An interesting story to follow this weekend about a chat with merchants and employees in Ajijic about gringos and how they treat the Mexicans.


  1. Looking forward to hearing the comments about gringos. It's, important for us to know.
    Linda....I mean Paula...and Jerry :o)

  2. Kevin is quite the RV tech in his own rite.Glad to see you guys are all together and having fun exploring. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Glad you got your solar up and running guys!!