Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get Some Sun!

For cryin' outloud, get some sun!  That's my credo for today.  I'm sure many of you read Kevin and Ruth's blog the other day about our trip to Ajijic.   Incredible trip, beautiful drive and as I said we talked up a storm.
One of the biggest impressions left on me was the reason why snowbirds come to Mexico.   After our tour of Walmart, I returned to the car where the guys were waiting for me.  I asked them to give me in one word the reason why people come to Mexico.  Ruth said "weather" and I said be more specific.  Kevin chimed in with "sun".  He hit it on the head.
So I ask, why do all the gringos running around Ajijic look like they only come out at night?  They are so white and scrawny.   They seem to hide in those fancy enclaves where once you enter the gates you return to the northern part of the continent.  Here at Hacienda, far from the beach, all the rvers have great tans.  They look healthy and young.  I realize that the sun can do damage, but like all things it is in excess.  Sun provides vitamin D which calcium needs for good absorption.  On the way home I saw an old fart (not because of age but attitude) about 60 years old who at first I thought was a mime, he face was coated with white wash.  Now maybe he had a skin problem or a bout with skin cancer, but you get my point.  
Today we are going on a hike with Peter, Barbara, Kevin, Ruth, Don, and Juan.  I hope we get lots of sun.  BTW, I started my sun worship yesterday and hope to continue it everyday for 15 minutes on each side.  


  1. I'd like to add that if the people of Mexico weren't so wonderful, you might go elsewhere for the sun.
    The NOBers in the hidden enclaves you mentioned miss out on the truly authentic Mexican life style. I compare it to Tex Mex food, a really yummy thing but not quite authentic. But if they are happy here for whatever reason, all the better for Mexico economically.

    Don't get a sunburn here Chris. Remember that for ever 1000 feet in elevation you burn 10% faster, and we are 6400 feet. Have a great hike and see you later.

  2. We come to Mexico for the sun and the beach. Plus the other million great things ......