Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Week Highlights

We didn't have internet for the last couple of days, but Sal and Barb did some miracle work and we are back in business.  Not a big deal, we have so many things to do around this part of the woods and that keeps us on the go.
This was our campfire on Christmas night.   Sal helped me haul out the chimenia and some firewood and we all gathered and had our Christmas cheer.  These clay chimneys are really great.  They put out a lot of heat and all the smoke goes up and out and not around.

On Friday we went to Concepcion de Buenos Aires to see the waterfall.  Kevin and Ruth had been there before and showed us the way.  We took to cars out there and found ourselves on a 5 km stretch of dirt road.  Good road nevertheless and we arrived to the cascada.   We walked down and took pictures and then we ate in the restaurant they have there.   Good food but don't ever eat there, the woman over charges.  We got her to reduce the rate but she wasn't happy.  Too bad.

Here's Juan up underneath the waterfall.  It is truly a beautiful place as you can see from the picture above.  The wind rushes through the mountains and you can feel the heat of the sun as it warms your body (that is for those of you who are sitting in the snow right now).

After our hike and lunch we continued on to the town of Buenos Aires.  It is truly a gem nestled in the mountains of Jalisco.   I have talked about how nice the town of Valle de Juarez is and Buenos Aires is a mixture of that and Mazamitla.  It actually looks like a Hollywood set.   The people are friendly and warm and during the holiday many come from the U.S. to visit family.  You here kids in the plaza speaking in English.   The hotel in the main square is very nice and costs 150 pesos a night for two persons.

On the night of the 28th, Juan took a shot of the moon.   We have no need for outdoor lighting here this week.   Mother Nature has provided nicely with clear skies and a moonlit nights.
40 years later I can still fill my glass.   We went to visit a farm where they have 15 cows.   We all had a glass of pajarete.  Pajarete is a small amount of sugar covered with cane alcohol and then mixed with chocolate and milk straight from the utter.
On our trips into Valle de Juarez, we can't help but stop and admire the views of the town.  Here we are at the malecon.   The lake extends for a couple of kilometers.  You can see pelicans, egrets, herons and ducks on the water as well as fishermen in their boats.

None other than the famous Kevin and Ruth from Travels with Kevin and Ruth.  They have come to Valle de Juarez many times.  They will be traveling to Morelia this next week leaving Sherman their motorhome until they return.  Nice people, Kevin helps me a lot with rv stuff and Ruth is a great cook.  Fun people to hang around with.
Other good friends of ours, Croft and Norma.  They are parked next to us for another week.   Croft has a blog too, Croft's Mexico.   We have known each other for some years now.  Great people.  Croft shares his CNN feed with us.  We don't watch much tv but I do like the news in the mornings and evenings.  We all went out for enchiladas last night, five couples.   A great time had by all.

I told our neighbors Jerry and Paula we would pick them up at 7 a.m. for Sunday mass.  I guess he took me seriously and I caught him at 7 a.m. climbing up the ladder on his rig to wash the roof. 


  1. You both are having too much fun, but it is the season! Best for the new year. Today Mo did a first; she made tamales and they were very good. Can't wait for her to start experimenting.

  2. You both are having too much fun, but it is the season! Best for the new year. Today Mo did a first; she made tamales and they were very good. Can't wait for her to start experimenting.

  3. Ahhhh all that fun makes me wish we had hung around there longer!

  4. So happy for you that your vacation is seemingly perfect.