Sunday, December 2, 2012

Going Nuts

I'm sitting here in the den watching tv via internet using the projector.  I love it!  Nice to see movies on the big screen.   It isn't permanently installed but it works great nevertheless.

I did some odds and ends on the trailer today, some laundry of things like linens and blankets.   We talk to the transmission guy tomorrow.  I'm going nuts.  I want to be out of here!!!!!!

We went out for breakfast this morning, pretty good too.   I had enchiladas with chorizo sauce and some potatoes.  Right, enchiladas for breakfast.  Delicious.  We then drove down to our place in Allende.  Still there, trees are growing and the place is empty.  

Anyway, no news is good news.   Yesterday was a complete waste.   I couldn't find squat at Home Depot or anywhere else.   At least three times a year I say, "I will never shop at Home Depot again".  What keeps me going back?  They really don't carry much, it is all common stuff.  Not even PVC wide enough for my sewer hose.  They refused to cut the Lexan saying they could start a fire.  Okay.  So I will buy it cheaper somewhere else and attempt to do it with an exacto knife.


  1. Only hours before lift off....I hope!

  2. Anything is good for breakfast. I have had pork chops & chili and a favor of the South, Pork Roll & eggs sandwich. Whatever taste good!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  3. I can understand your frustration. We are keeping the cork on the bottle until you get here! Well, one of the bottles anyhow...