Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mexico Crossing Points

John asked about crossing points along the border.  John is also known as Keelhauler1 on and always has some good advice not to mention his blog Our Mexico Rv Trips
I'm sure many people can chime in on this but we always recommend crossing at the Colombia Bridge.  Because we go to McAllen quite a bit, we use the Hidalgo Bridge from Reynosa.  I recently posted about the Pharr Bridge which is super easy to get to from Mexico without entering the city of Reynosa.  We like that bridge the best for easy access.   It has a higher cost though going in.  I don't know what the charge is leaving Mexico.  It is a very safe route as you are on a busy but well-organized route where transito are almost non-existent and not a good place for "the bad guys" to do anything.  We have seen lots of military as well as state and federal police patrolling this route.
When we travel to the interior, like this trip to Jalisco, we use Hwy 57 from Saltillo.  Heading back north in January to Monterrey we will stay in Guadalcazar which is a boondocking location on the border of San Luis Potosi and then one more stop in Matehuala for the night at Las Palmas or the Oasis and then head to Saltillo and home. 
That route, and forgive me because we don't use maps very often much less road numbers, it would be the Hwy 57 from SLP or Hwy 54 from Zacatecas to Saltillo.  Then Hwy 40 to Monterrey taking the 85 north to Laredo or continuing on Hwy 40 all the way to Reynosa to any of the bridges I mentioned.

On another note, we had a great lunch yesterday at La Cocinita.  The food is fantastic.  I had pescado a la plancha with rice, salad, beans and chilaquiles and Juan had the pollo con mole with rice and beans.  



  1. Chris... Could you give your thoughts about crossing from Mexico to Texas on the Pharr bridge with a 40ft Class A with a towd vehicle. Places that are easy with a small RV gets really tight with a large one.

  2. Thanks Chris for the post and good answer to my question. I was going to use Columbia but it looked like it took me out of the way for heading back East and I know you cross a lot. I am more concerned with long waits then I am with toll charges. Today it shows no wait at Columbia with 2 hr waits at Hidalgo & Pharr. I expect that is typical. That's why I liked Los Indios so much, 30 min wait at most. But safety is a concern.