Saturday, December 22, 2012

Preparing For The Holidays At Hacienda Contreras
More people are showing up as the days go by.  Yesterday Croft and Norma pulled in along with Derek and Theresa.  The park is pretty much full now and the happy hour circle continues to grow.  Every time we think we have the circle just right we have to "move back" some more allowing the circle to grow.

There's just too much to do around here.  We did our morning ritual of the gym, stopped by the corner store for a kilo of eggs and Jerry and Paula fixed breakfast.  It was really good, huevos Jalisco.   They had bought some Argentinian chorizo and the flavor was really fantastic.
We drove into Sahguayo to go to our bank.  It is the closest one that we know of.  I had to pay some bills including my monthly tax statement and we headed over to Soriana but didn't really pick up much.  Everything we need seems to be here near the rv park.
There is a thread going on Rv.Net about "how full is your park".   No one is singing the blues here, that's for sure.
Last night we headed out for the town square in Valle de Juarez for one of many "posadas".  Posadas have a long history and one that still rings true today.  Two groups of people go to someone's house.  Mary and Joseph ask for a place to stay and the group inside the house deny them a place.  There are exchanges of script and finally they are let in.  Candles are lit and everyone sings Christmas carols.   The piñata is hung and the children begin beating it.  The piñata represents "el diablo".  The beat the devil out of it and in return they receive the candy that is inside.
At the plaza it was kids night.  Lots of activities and games such as the potato sack race, piñata, raffle and more.   It was a lot of fun to see such happiness when we have been surrounded by so much violence in the last week.   Makes me wish I had been born a Mexican.  Truly a different life, even in today's world of internet, video games and chat.

We had enchiladas at Portal del Angel which is located across the street from plaza.  I ordered two empalmes, one made from huitlacoche and the other flor de calabaza.  I cut them up and passed them around.  They weren't much of a hit after I explained that the huitlacoche is corn mold!   We stayed there for a couple of hours drinking and laughing.  It was a really fun time.  

Came back home and there are too many people to visit.  We hadn't seen Croft and Norma except for happy hour and Kevin and Ruth had just returned from SMA.   I went over and said howdy do to Kevin and Ruth and explained that we had to see our newly installed neighbors.   We spent the rest of the evening chatting up a storm and listening to Croft's travel adventures.  It was fun and it looks like the next week will be very social.

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  1. A perfect blend of location and friends. Enjoy.