Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sun Is Shining

Yesterday we headed out in the early afternoon for a walk at the casada (waterfall).  We went with Kevin, Ruth, Peter and Barbara.  It had rained the night before and also in the morning.  I thought it would never clear up and then finally the clouds broke.  We had a great hike, saw lots of beautiful cabins along the way and had lots of good conversation.

Happy hour here starts early, so I need to take it easy.   4:30 is a bit too soon but I guess just like the altitude I will adjust quickly.  We went out as group for dinner last night to a place called El Charco.  Pretty good food but it was cold and I wasn't feeling so hot (I fell on our hike, yikes!!).   I'll be alright, a little exercise and will be as good as new.

We are at a ciber cafe, the wifi took a dump last night so we are waiting.  We came into town to go to the bank, pay the electric bill and fill up an LP tank.  Found a ciber right away.   Took off to check out the gym and the owner was happy we will be starting back tomorrow.   Getting back in our routine is important for us and we like to do all the other good things too like hiking, eating and happy hour.  I think I mentioned that before.  

Kevin is going to check out electric system and we will talk a bi about the solar install.   I plan on looking for a plumber to splice the line under the stove so we can use our Mr. Heater.   It gets pretty cold here at night.  The electric blanket, on low, provides plenty of warmth and the cats love it.  They are out and about getting used to their old digs.  

We look over at Jerry and Paula's pad waiting for them to come next week wondering what it will look like once they are moved in again.   I will post pics tomorrow, to much convolution here at the ciber to do downloading.  

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  1. Somedays happy hour starts even earlier, today it was 3:30PM!!! Relax and enjoy.