Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here In Matehuala

Here we are in Matehuala.  We met up with Barb and Sal, Jerry and Paula.  We are having dinner right now.  You can see us here below.
We drove across the mountains and had a little bit of problems with the weight distribution hith.  One of the bars kept falling off.  The pin inside has worn down and it slips out.  I have a hose clamp around it for now and it seems to be holding, well, more or less.  I thought I had a spare but haven't found it yet.
The transmission pulled us beautifully over the mountains in second without a problem.  More on all this later.
We had a great day and we are happy to be on the road.


  1. ...hope the problem get sorted out!!! So you just happen to meet up with others on the road????? Enjoy!

  2. What a perfect way to begin our Mexico adventure for this year. So happy to have finally met you and Juan. It was a great evening and we look forward to seeing you both again soon. Salud!