Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moved In To Contreras

We got up yesterday around 6 a.m., had coffee and then I started to hookup the rv.   Got everything ready and as we were taking off, Mario the director pulled up to wish a safe trip.
I had emailed Barb and asked for the best route although I had one picked out already.  We followed Sal's advice and it turned out it was the route we had taken before.  Bad memory on my part.   The trip was flawless, we didn't drop that nasty hitch bar either.   I guess I had that hose clamp on there good and tight.
We literally sailed into Hacienda as the roads were fantastic.   We used the by-pass for Irupuato and also the new one for La Piedad.   The new cuota for La Piedad was 79 pesos.   Not really necessary as La Piedad has a good truck route and there are some cool things to see along the road.   I will say that once we got to Briseño, we missed the Sahuayo by-pass and went into Briseño.   Not a biggy as it is also a truck route.  I don't think we lost any time doing it, but so people know, as you get close to Briseño you take a right turn.  There is a sign that says Sahuayo and the arrow points to the left.  This left doesn't look very convincing as it appears to be a dead end.  It's not and you can take it if you want.
We went over the 14 topes in Sahuayo and decided we had enough supplies that it wasn't worth stopping.   On another note, we stopped for gas in Yurecuaro.   They take credit and debit cards.  Next door is an OXXO convenience store.  I went in for a coffee and when I went to pay she asked me, "cash or debit".   Mexicans have become very credit and card conscious.  Truly amazing.
As we pulled into HC, Sal and Barb, Kevin and Ruth came out to greet us.   Nice to pull into a park where you not only know people but the owners come out to meet you.  We were set up in no time and it was happy hour.  We visited with Kevin and Ruth for awhile and then headed over to the drink table.   Lots of nice people and it looks like our time here will be fun (pending the visit of Croft, Norma, PJ and Claudia).
Ruth fixed a wonderful welcome dinner, she truly is a great cook.  She mixed up a batch of cookies that she shared at the campfire that Sal did and off to bed we went. 


  1. Hey! What are we? Chopped liver???

    Happy you made it safe and sound and we'll see you next week. Until then, let's all have fun!

  2. Welcome to your new digs for the next few weeks!