Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunset in San Miguel de Allende

We looked into getting a Telcel stick.  Jerry had to reactivate his so we went along.  The new USB is 249 and comes with 1GB to start.  We have a Movistar USB and we are thinking if we have the Telcel we can have coverage just about anywhere we go.
We also stopped by the organic market near the institute where we had a great gordita and watched gringos get silly.   Food was good and the atmosphere light.   Great cheeses and breads for sale, no preservatives, additives or colors.   Some pretty stinky cheeses, my favorite.   I love strong cheese.  So when people say they can't get good cheese in Mexico they know where to go.
We finished yesterday with a great dinner out. Jerry and Paula invited us to a great spot and we talked up a storm for a couple of hours. Les showed up and joined in the fun.


  1. Hey, we know all of those people! See you soon!

  2. Funny, you'd swear in this picture that Les is the drinker of the bunch! Too funny! It was a great evening and salud to many more!