Friday, November 30, 2012

To Do List

Marking off the days here at home waiting for news on the transmission.  Tomorrow they will have it all written up.   Not to concerned, the SUV has not given us any trouble in over 200,000 kms.   Yep, we drive a lot and I like doing it.
Today was rv day.   I think Kevin got me motivated with his brake repair on Sherman.  I took about the batteries, cleaned the cables, posts, and topped off the batteries.  They were looking pretty good and needed a teaspoon or two of water in each cell.
I tried out the Mr. Heater on the tank and it worked like a charm.   Got to thinking about it, and the reason for the purchase was not so much battery power for the furnace as it was noise.   I have found several people who removed their furnace and put in a tee to connect the Mr. Heater.   I may do that tomorrow or Monday and am looking for a good LP/gas repairman.  The heater has to hook holes in the back for hanging so it may become permanent.   The Suburban I can sell locally to the rv repair shop or put it on Ebay.   It has been used less than maybe 60 hours.
I also measured the screen door for the lexan so we can have a storm door.  If its cold I don't like having the door closed because that usually means don't knock to most people.  I will keep it simple and use velcro to keep it in place.  The cats can get a good shot of what is going on outside.   They are excited about leaving, they know something is up.  They will be surprised when they get to jump out at Hacienda and run around for a few weeks.
I am buying a pvc fence post and end caps to mount on the rear bumper for the sewer hose.  Get this.  The rv has the dump valve in the front because it is a front bath and kitchen model.  You need a frickin' 20ft hose at most places if you are staying for any length of time.   The hose holder is in the front mounted on the side,  really nice one.  However, it is only two feet long. Duh.  My plan tomorrow is to paint it black to match the bumper and use a piece of gutter I have left over to slide the hose in and out.
The tire that blew will be put on the rim and I will change the tire later tomorrow and replace the spare.  I could swear I had another new tire in the shed but I guess we used it.  So we will still have a good spare on the back.
I'm getting really excited about the trip.   I can't wait to driving down the 57.   The trailer needs a good cleaning still and we are getting rid of extra weight, junk we carry that we don't use and clean out the cabinets. 
Christmas came early.  We built the studio off of the living room and we got such a good deal on a corner piece sofa.   Remember we went to the home show and got the show discount, then came the Buen Fin weekend and when we went to pay the guy gave us that discount too.  Looks good and I would show you  picture if I could find the camera.  Maybe tomorrow.

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