Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pharr-Mty Map

Thanks to Croft's Mexico we now have a good map for crossing at the Pharr Bridge.  We have always used Hidalgo and never wanted to rock the boat.  Now we can see it is probably a better route as it doesn't go through Reynosa proper.  You can see that you cross the bridge and head straight for the periferico and catch the Hwy 40 south.  Looks easy and we will probably do it tomorrow.
I got the solar panel unpacked and it is 5ft by 3ft.  There is room on the roof although I really didn't want to mount it but I can see hauling it around either.  I just don't want to have to be parked in the sun when it is 100 degree outside.  We'll figure all that out when we get to Hacienda.
We found out yesterday that Barb's dad passed away.   We are very sad for her and Sal, it is always a difficult experience and never one that anyone looks forward to.  With time sadness turns to good memories and we realize our inmortality.
To all our friends, we wish you a very bountiful Thanksgiving and hope you are with someone you love be it your spouse, partner, family member, friends or pets and if you're lucky, all of the above.


  1. Have a turn off switch off switch installed, that way you can leave that monster on the roof where it belongs!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey we made it to San Carlos, back in Mexico, a huge sigh of relief!!!!

  2. Happy T-day to all!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico