Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not A Happy Solar Camper

We placed our order last Wednesday for the solar panel.    I sent an email yesterday to see what was happening and today we are told it was backordered.  They are willing to replace it with a like panel that is 5 watts stronger but the problem is timing.   I told the guy I need it "ya", meaning now!   I am waiting for a response.   I don't want to have to post something bad about our purchase from Solar Blvd.  Let's hope they come through so I can give them a 5 star rating.
The exterminator came today doing the last interior job until February.   He comes monthly and does the yard and the house.   He will be doing the yard though as the gardener has the key. 
I woke up this morning at 5:45, turned on the light and the local news.   As I sat there I thought I was having trouble focusing.  I could see movement on my left next to the window.   There he was, a little mouse walking back and forth.    Those lazy bums we call cats were still asleep on the bed.   What's that all about? 
I think it is gone now.  We took our drawers out of the night stands as past experience has told us that they can climb up through the back side.  Good thing it didn't happen while  K&R were here.  That would hav woken them up.  
So things here are wrapping up.  We did have an estimate on new flooring for the social areas, although a good price I don't want to wait until they can install it.  We are out of here and I mean it. 
Colin and Contessa are about ready to head out and based on their pics of the snow at their home I would be wanting to take off too.   Fellow rvers, Mike and Pat, headed down to SLP and said they arrived in Ciudad Valles without a hitch along with many others reporting great roads, no checkpoints, and good weather.  Let's hope this keeps up. 

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