Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gas Prices and Gay Marriage

You're right, there's no relationship between the two and that may make a point.  First, let me say a few words about gas prices.  There is a survey on asking if you would drive 3 miles out of your way to save five cents on a gallon of gas.  Many people commented that it wasn't worth their time.  Funny isn't how people are?  Most rvers will nickel and dime prices on everything from a sewer hose to a senior coffee at McDonald's but when it comes to something that we seem to have little control over people complain and then roll over.   We have saved a ton of money while traveling in the U.S. by using to find the best price.  Good thing we do.  In the Rio Grande Valley prices have varied as much as 25 cents a gallon.  At HEB for November and December, buying a gift card and keeping it loaded will get you an additional 20 cents off a gallon of their already discounted gas prices.   I think if people would go the extra mile (no pun intended) maybe oil companies would wake up a bit. 
*****WARNING, some of this is tongue in cheek*****
As for gay marriage,  we went to our first gay wedding, funny isn't it?  We've been together 27 years and have never given it a thought.   We've never made a stink about anything related to the issue.  We go about our lives like everyone else and I have never had anyone shut a door on me.  Granted, there are those who at times may not be the friendliest neighbor, but who cares, people suffer all kinds of discrimination from religion to color.  That's life.   If we don't like it, we move on.   Our neighbors love us, rvers seem to like us too and our families love us more than other siblings.
My personal belief is simple.   Marriage is for people who have children.  Plain and simple.  And that goes for a man and a woman.   This is probably why there are so many divorces in the world with the U.S. topping it out at 58%.   A woman gets pregnant and I think the law should enforce marriage.   Then the bum can't get away without taking care of his obligation.  You see, there is nothing that makes a man responsible for his deeds.   He simply walks away.   Women have been the backbone of civilization since the beginning of time.  Excuse me to all the men who read this blog, but lets look at a couple of examples to which there are always exceptions and please don't take offense.   What's more important around the world, mother's day or father's day?   Who do kids almost always tend to stay with after a divorce or breakup?   Who takes care of the kids while men are at war, drinking at the pub, etc?   My case in point.
It is not in the nature of the male being to raise children.   We have, over time, forced the issue.   Men are great at reproduction and women seem to do the rest.   Our saving grace is that unlike other species where the female eats the male after reproduction, we just get old, fat and ugly.
Marriage, used in the biblical sense, would force men to do their jobs.  Instead, it is used as a social activity.   So, for straight or gay people I am not a big fan of it unless you have children. 
That said, last night was a trip.   I think it is important to be able to laugh at yourself whether you are Jewish, black, single, gay, straight, blind, etc.  These are the things that give life color.   At this wedding, the groom and groom had matching outfits,  fluffy feather pillows to kneel on, and the woman next to me had obviously been out hoeing the back forty before coming to the event.   Her hands made mine look meek and mild if you get my point, not to mention those muscled arms with a tee shirt tan line from working those back forty.  Miss Thing was waiting in the vestibule with huge cotton candy blond hair and eye lashes about three inches long.  What was that all about????  Our straight women friends were the bridesmaids in matching white gowns each donning a different colored set of feathers in their hair with matching colored bouquets.  Only one of their husbands showed up (guffaw).   Seriously though, one thing that bothered me, there was an obvious display of hand holding between other gay couples, even at communion they went two by two holding hands.  Who does that?  On the other hand, straight people can be just as obnoxious.  If you are straight, do you enjoy being around a man who chews and spits, belches, brags about his adventures, and drives a monster truck?  Am I making sense here?  I sure hope so because it makes sense to me.  I have nothing to prove.
It was nice, and I am very happy for the couple, a husky couple I might add.  But just not part of my personal culture.  Have a will, sign a mutual agreement and enjoy your life.   If you can't have children it evolution is making a point and you should dedicate your life to enriching yours and others.  On to the next subject.


  1. Totally makes sense to us. Oh, and we used gasbuddy all the way through the U.S....saved us a pile. Of course you have to use some common sense, but especially with an RV if I'm buying 45 gallons it can make a huge difference.

  2. Good Post! We like you! We like Juan too! If you guys ever did get married, we would be there. It would be a great party! Which is the part we like!

  3. Okay.. I always laugh at the wrong times. BUT... your post is priceless! Bill & I met in 1982... I moved in the next week (HAH!)... over the next 25 years or so we went from living together... to "common-law" marriage..(the place i worked recognized common law and we got a break on health insurance)... to finally, when it looked like that after we retired, I wouldn't be eligible for insurance, we (oh my god!) ran off to Kentucky to a justice of the peace and I became an honest woman (HAH!).... That's been a few years ago... so here we are, 30+ years later... and did it make one whit of difference? Hell no! When I moved into that old farm house in January, 1982 the commitment was there. I don't care what sex, what race, what religion... it doesn't matter. I do kinda like Croft's post... maybe one of these days we should have one hell of a party to celebrate!!! Oh shucks! I'm supposed to be commenting on gas prices... well, it's $3.07 here... $2.95 if you use your HEB card. The cheapest we've seen in a LONG time!

  4. Great post Chris!! I totally agree. Everything in life is a choice.

    Well maybe not....looks like we are snowed in with D Day in 3 sleeps!