Thursday, November 15, 2012

Panel Is On It's Way

Well, almost.  I called Solar Blvd. today and the panels have arrived.  They were going substitute it for a slightly larger panel but he claimed it should ship tomorrow.  I hope so because with Thanksgiving it always gives FedX heart trouble and problems with deliveries.   I'll sit at rv park gate if I have to, but I don't want to delay our departure back to Monterrey to put some clothes and groceries in the rv before heading out.  
I have been checking our route and it seems pretty firm it terms of what I posted yesterday.  It may take us a long week to get to Hacienda but I want to spend a couple of days in SMA and visit with Les and our friend Mario from the botanical garden. 
The weather here has been drizzle, cold (around 50F at night) and crappy daytime.  My kind of weather.  I got up early and went to the gym, stopped by the SMart for some odds and ends.   I came home and here we have stayed.   We watched a movie called Espejisimo (Mirage) and took a nap.  Juan made a great chicken soup and I have been in and out of the soup pot all afternoon.
I got the gas man to come by to fill a tank for the heater.  I dug it out from the shed, but it isn't working well.  I turned it off, to much of a risk.  There is a place in town that does a cleaning and checkup on all the safety features but they are three days out on returning the unit.  We will be gone by then.   The electric blanket will have to do and if we really need early morning relief the mini split has heat, I just hate wasting the electricity.
I am debating whether or not to buy an Olympian Wave heater for the rv.  I can't stand noise and the Suburban heater makes a ton of it.  For this trip we would only need it in the early morning to take the chill off.   What do you think?  I want to take the Suburban heater out of its space under the fridge and mount the Wave???  They say it saves 30% on LP use and there is no electric needed meaning it wouldn't affect our batteries.   Maybe a Mr. Heater???  The trailer has a quick disconnect for the barby, and we could just run it through the floor somewhere nearby.  Comments pls.


  1. I use a Mr. Heater Buddy. Works great. I have it in a 24 foot Class C. I have the

  2. (Sorry, fat fingered the enter button) I have the hose that connects both to an external tank and a fitting that connects to the RV's tank. The idea of using a furnace with ducts and fans and all that electricity is silly for folks who stay places where the worst you get is down to freezing for an hour or two and then warms up. Just my opinion though. The Wave is probably good too. (I have electric space heaters if I am someplace where electricity is included or it is more convieient).

  3. Down to freezing for an hour or two, I would die. Anything under 76 degrees is torture. I would purchase the Wave in a heartbeat. Oh yeah, if you are camped next to us in the cold or even cool weather, you will hear the heater. We have also be labeled the RV Park largest electric user in the past in HOT weather. While I have a problem with the cold, my better half has a problem with Hot if there is an AC unit nearby.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  4. We have had a propane ceramic heater for over 13 years that still works like a charm..Much better than the Wave that has some kind of cloth pad that gets dusty and needs replacing. Just my experience ... Carol

  5. We gave up on our Olympian heater because the gas in Mexico is dirtier and caused the cataletic pad to fail rapidly at great expense. Think the ceramic may be a better choice.

  6. An additional thought. We had a quick disconnect installed for our heater and stored it when we didn't need it. It made it direction as we could focus the heat where needed. Think it was about $35 for the hookup.