Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cold Weather - Ready To Roll

Tomorrow is a holiday, Mexican Revolution Day.  Actually it is on Tuesday but we have  three-day weekend.   I haven't done squat today but watch national news both American/Mexican, Face The Nation and a show on Netflix about three truckers crossing the Himalayas.  
Now we are heading out the door to join forces with Mexican holiday shoppers.  Juan wants a new cell phone and there is a huge sale going on.  I get the old cell phone if I want it but I like my eight year old plain Jane version with the little flashlight built in.  Works for me.   I only call one person anyway, hehehehe.
After we are going to our monthly birthday party and family gathering.   It shouldn't last long with the weather.   There is a game today so everyone will be sitting around watching the game.   I'll take my laptop.  
Tomorrow we head out with the SUV for McAllen for a change of scenery, prep the rv and then hopefully head home to the quinta on Friday.   Ruth is busy making cookies down in Hacienda Contreras so I have offered to pick her up some special items for baking.  I know she intends to share some of the goodies with us.
That's all for today.  I have an interesting story to tell about ex-pats and goings on in SMA but I'll save it for this week as the story is still in progress.  


  1. Well the weather here is PERFECT so c'mon down!

  2. Hmmm vodka for Ruth, what about the rest of us?