Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OMG, It's Huge

The solar panel that is!  It arrived today to the rv park.  We had to put two rows of seats down in the back to load it in.  May be big, but we will never have problems charging the batteries.  So much for a portable panel, this baby will have to be put on the roof if it will fit.
Well, tomorrow is the big feed and then we will take the rv to a friend's house in Mission where we will spend the night taking us about 40 minutes closer to home on Friday.  We will have a second meal there in the evening and then get a good night's rest.
No resolution on the propane connector.   I will get a tank to heater hose for now.  I was hoping to give it a test first before leaving to make sure it is what we want.  I guess we can always return it later.
Now I need some help.  A reader has asked about crossing at Pharr, Tx.  I have heard that it is a direct route to the periferico and then on to Hwy 40 to Monterrey and all points beyond.  I spent the last half hour attempting to post a google earth photo of the crossing, which looks like it really does avoid the Reynosa traffic. 
Any help out there?  Feel free to post a link to your blog or webpage if you can get the image to show.  Thanks.


  1. Can't help with Pharr but know you will love that solar panel. Bigger is better!

  2. Thanks for asking your readers Chris. I think I will try Pharr, if for no other reason than on Google it looks pretty well laid out and avoids cities. Google also shows one crossing in Mission via Bryan Road that looks promising as well. I will be a week or two before crossing at least still, so might investigate that one.

  3. On Google Maps it sure looks like S. Cage Blvd (Hwy 281)leads to the crossing. From there continue to junction with MX 2, turn right to junction with Viaducto Reynosa and follow Viaducto Reynosa to MX 40 and you bypass Reynosa.

  4. Share photos of the panel installation. I hope you bought a good controller.