Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Closer

We made it to McAllen without any problems.  We took the libre and it was rainy and cold all the way.  The border wait was almost an hour because as you know, yesterday was a Mexican holiday so everyone was coming to McAllen for shopping.
The officer asked the normal questions and then waved us through.  Off we went to the rv park only to find that we now have a new park manager and a lot of snowbirds are here.  That makes it great for our Thanksgiving get together, more food options, conversations and booze.  Yippie!
Today was a real b****.  Customer service here stinks, and mean it.  Every place we went it was either, "I don't know" or "what is there is all we have".   I was looking for a Mr. Heater at WallyWorld.   "Nope, we don't carry them".   I walked around enough and found two on the shelf.   Now I can't find the damn disconnect hose.  I called Goodings and the guy acted like he didn't know what it was.   I called another rv parts place and the woman said she thought they weren't allowed to sell them in Texas.  Lowe's, no luck. 
I got back home and went on line.  Home Depot shows three in stock at the store here in Harlingen.  We will go there tomorrow.  What a bunch of idiots.  Apart from that, you could as my mother used to say, "be dyin' on the cross" before you found someone to help you.
Good news is that the rv panel may arrive tomorrow according to the FedX tracking system.   I can't wait.   We also bought a new stinky slinky as the gardners here clipped ours with the weed eater leaving a nice opening along the side.
So now we are sitting outside and ready for happy hour.  I am putting all that b.s. behind now and will relax.  We have wifi at our site so we are watching movies at night on Netflix.  Watched a real doozie last night, Rare Export.  It was a semi-sadistic move about thawing out a buried Santa and all of his elves were naked old farts with long beards who ate children.   It was actually good and not that scary.
Tomorrow I have a few more things to pick up.  The trailer looks good and ready to go.  I will have the front brakes checked on Saturday when we get home.  Some sounds as if the pads are wearing.  I also need to call Eazlift about our WDH to see if we can permanently mount the stirrups to the trailer frame.
Juan is making his famous green bean casserole, not the American kind.  This is fresh green beans with baby potatoes, mushrooms, bacon and olive oil.  Delicious.  More tomorrow.


  1. Another place to check for a quick disconnect would be a local propane dealer.

  2. Love your Mom's expression!! I totally agree.