Thursday, November 29, 2012

It Always Happens Like This

The hunt continued today for the hose or connection.  I called around town, I got no good answers.  Then, I decided to check the Weber page.  I typed in, Weber de Mexico, and wham.   They have a webpage and list of distributors.  There were various stores around town and one was listed as Lowe's and another was on a major avenue as you get into town.   I wasn't familiar with Plaza Las Villas on Eugenio Garza Sada or the company called Grill More.  
As I searched the avenue I found nothing and then realized I may have passed the address.  I continued on to Lowe's and figured I could backtrack.  Lowe's was a bunch of lumps on a log.  Lo que esta allí es todo lo que hay.  What's on the shelf is all there is.   I gave my famous back hand motion and took off (I'll show you the motion if we ever meet up, I learned it from Sofia Petrillo).
On the way home I thought I had found the place called More Grill.  I took a turn around and found the centro commercial.  I watched the damn mall being built more than three years ago, always looked at it all lit up at night and never paid attention to the sign on the top of the strip mall.  I pulled in and there was the shop.  All types of grills and accessories in the window.   A pretty up scale shop, I asked the guy about the hose.  He said, "sure, I got five of them".  Duh, right down the road as you get into town.  This has happened a dozen times in my life if not more.
We got to chatting (not that I'm a talker) and he asked why I wanted the hose.  So I went and got the Mr. Heater out of the car and he asked if I was using it for camping.  I told him I had a casa movil tipo remolque, and his eyes widened.   Turns out, the guy and his dad used to own an rv park in Oaxaca that closed in the early 90s called Rosa something.  He wanted to talk for hours about all the foreigners he met as a kid and the bungalows and different types of rvs he saw.
In the end, I have a hose from the tank to the heater, six foot.  Not exactly what I want but we will make it work.  I'm happy now. 


  1. Chris, I sent you a mail about the hose. I think long term you will want a filter or the new "plasticizer free" hose. But congratulations on being able to use cheap bulk propane instead of the high priced little bottles.

  2. Yeah!!!!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  3. How amazing that you met an ex Mexican RV Park owner! Did you ask why they no longer have the park?

    I have a friend leaving Tuscon in 2 days who might pick up your parts. IF Croft & Norma come by here they could pick it up and bring it to you! Complicated yes but doable!