Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Brother Becomes An Rver

I forgot to post about my brother Steve and his wife Michelle.  They became rvers this last two months.  They have owned a pop up for years but really never used it.   They decided to do some research and started out looking at class B motorhomes.  They ended up buying this beauty.

Pretty nice rig and it will last them a long time and get great diesel mileage.   Steve is an environmental consultant and Michelle has an accounting firm.  They are retiring in the Spring after tax time.  They have decided to rv and I am hoping they will like it.  Afterall, what is there not to like in a new rv like theirs.
I remembered to post about them as I try to send him rving tips and information.  Today I was reading about the Geo Method .  I wanted to review it for our upcoming trip.  I figure a good cleansing while we are on the road will get the tanks clean with all that motion.   I generally use bleach by itself and once in awhile some fabric softner.  This method uses detergent, water softner and then  bleach.   I used it on the other travel trailer we had and it worked great.
I'm anxiously waiting for shipping info on our solar panel.  I hope it hasn't been back ordered.  I decided to wait until tomorrow to give them a call at their 800 number.  I'm wrapping stuff up around here, we have a meeting of the minds tomorrow to make a "to do" list.   Paying bills and all that is easy as everything is on line these days.

Hmmm, what else can I buy for the rv??


  1. Congratulations to Steve & MIchelle for making such a wise decision. I'm sure you had some influence.

    Big thanks for the article on tank cleaning. We will give it a try. Perfect timing Chris!

  2. Hope your brother and SIL enjoy the RV life as much as Bill & I do. Funny thing about the tank cleaning... our grey water tank clogged up today... 1st time in nearly 12 years. I KNEW I should have cut my hair shorter!!!!

  3. Chris -- I noted on one of your RV.Net board messages that you mentioned you once had a TrailManor. Do you mind telling me why you got rid of it? I've been looking at them but also wanted some opinions.

    in South Carolina