Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cardiologist-Finishing the List

Spent most of the day yesterday with the heart man.  I asked him if he could do a cardiac MRI and he refused.  There is a history of heart problems in my family and I don't want to wait to find out I need a by-pass.  He said some plaque is normal and should be expected.  Based on the tests he performs he feels extremely confident that my pump is working properly.   He feels those types of tests only generate money for the doctor and the hospital.  
Bottom line, I'm heart healthy.   My pressure is not improving much so we are trying another medication.  I need to lose those pesky 10 pounds and I am sure I will get a good workout in Hacienda.   I have been bad with my diet these last three months.  I pretty much am in a funk when it comes to weight control.   I worked really hard during the summer but results were minimal so I said, "screw it".  I grew up a fat kid, a story I will relate some day.  I've always hated my body, sounds wierd because it all works great and I should be thankful for that.  (sob, sob, sob and woe is me)  Now I have some confidence from the doctor that I can do it.  Another year of good health is in the forecast. 
The SUV is not well though.  They opened it up and found some signs of wear on the transmission.   We will return it on Thursday for surgery.   Once they open it again we will get the final results.   The mechanic or shop owner says not to expect the worst yet it could be semi-good news.   I threw it out to the universe to figure out and whatever is sent back we will deal with. 
If these are the worst things in my life I am a very happy man. 


  1. Better the SUV having surgery than you. Glad to hear you are doing well. You do seem to be good overall with dietary habits and exercise. Life is a constant challenge and we just have to deal with.

    I have lost 28 pounds since mid June ( following Weight Watchers ) and only one person here on the Isla and the RV park has noticed. So I guess appearance isn't everything.

  2. You are a lucky guy. ENJOY!!!!! Car stuff always happens sooner or later. RELEASE, now doesn't that feel better, LOL!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico