Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yikes! Repairs, Repairs and More Repairs

The SUV was suffering some braking noise on the way home from McAllen.  We took it in yesterday to find out we had a warped disc and needed new pads in front.   Initial estimates were 4000 pesos replacing the disc.   We finished with a rectified disc and new pads for 950 pesos.  Good deal.
We had some other noise coming and going over the last months and had the computer put on it.  I knew what it was but didn't want to find out.   The computer says, "transmission pump".  Just as I had expected.  
Tomorrow we work on that.  Don't want to travel all the way south and have that poop out on us, we would be in deep mud.   So it looks like a slight delay in our trip.   I had wanted to shove off tomorrow.  This may take a few days.   Maybe we will get lucky.
The weather is still cold and wet and I want to get south.   Hacienda gets cold at night but nice and warm during the day.   Anyway, I have some things to do here at home to fill the void.  One is to get the tires changed on the rv.   I need to have a new tire we bought earlier this year mounted on the wheel that had the blowout, and then mount another tire we have had for quite a long time in the shed to use as a spare.   That will leave us with one extra tire that is the same age as the others.  
A good cleaing inside and out will be in order, I am hoping to find some guys to do the outside.  It really needs a good waxing.


  1. Always something! Oh yes, and mount the solar panel!

  2. Think we may have tires under control with 17.5" rims and OTR tires (all at great expense). While traveling, I check the tires at every pit stop with an IR gun to check the tempatures of the hubs and tires. Hopefully, if we have a tire problem the tempature differences will show first.

  3. Don't use ceramic brake pads. While they are cleaner & quieter, not producing the ugly dust on your rims, they create a lot more heat at/on the rotor. This leads to warping! This has been a real problem with your SUV & the Dakota pickup. Had one and went thu this problem. Finally corrected with new Bimbo rotors & non-ceramic pads.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  4. Hang in there, soon you will be warm and full of 9 year old tequila.