Friday, November 16, 2012

"Buen Fin" de Semana

It truly is a "Buen Fin" de semana or great weekend.  Mexico is promoting a four-day spending spree with steep discounts from Mexican big box stores and local merchants.  This was created last year to compete with "Black Friday" in the U.S.   Last year was such a success that this year is even bigger.  It also includes airlines when purchasing a ticket over the next four days.
This is a quincena weekend or payday weekend, a three-day holiday as Monday celebrates the Mexican Revolution.  It is actually the 20th, but we too have moved many of our holidays to a Monday.
Statistics say that many Mexicans who live within a few hours drive of the border would normally spend upwards of 5000 pesos for fuel, toll roads, hotel and incidentals while spending the weekend in a U.S. border city.   The idea is to promote buying here at home and helping out the local and national economy.  It seems to be working.  I stopped by the HEB to pick up some vodka I needed for a recipe Ruth shared on her blog.   The store was packed, no parking, and people were buying just as if it were  Black Friday.
Croft and Norma are making great progress on their journey down to Mexico and Contessa and Colin should be on their way out the door.
The Solar Blvd company sent me a FedX waybill so I will be watching our shipment.  I will order the charge controller tomorrow off of Ebay and we should be set.    We have a big family birthday party on Sunday afternoon and then Monday off we go for McAllen.   Did you know in Spanish we have a verb for shopping in McAllen?  Sure do.  We say, "vamos  a mcallear este fin de semana".   We're going shopping/visiting relatives in McAllen this weekend.
Things really are looking up this year.   I think it is going to be a great Christmas afterall.

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  1. Stuck in Vegas with a sick engine but heading south midday Tuesday or else!!!!!!!!!