Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Their Way To Hacienda Contreras


Kevin and Ruth came to stay for the weekend.   They drove down from Canada after spending the summer in Europe and the U.K.   We had a blast.  They are great guests and fun to hang out with.   We attempted to solve most of the world's problems and the elections.  We did pretty good but will continue when we meet up the end of November in Hacienda Contreras where they left their motorhome for the summer.

We went hiking on two separate occasions.   On Sunday we hiked through one of our state parks on the southern edge of Monterrey, Parque Estatal La Estanzuela.  It is a beautiful park that we had forgotten about.  I used to go running there years ago before we even moved to Santiago.   I now have the "ganas" to go there more often.  The only downside is the 3 km long cobblestone road but it is no big deal.

Before our hike Ruth whipped up a batch of hotcakes served with some "real" Canadian maple syrup they brought for us.   Saturday night Kevin fixed a really good pasta dish.   I was surprised to see some left over in the refrigerator.   That's what we had for dinner tonight.  Both Kevin and Ruth are good chefs, not to mention the great wine we had with dinner.
Then on Monday we headed out for Parque Nacional Chipinque which is on the west side of Monterrey and you drive through town to get there.   We were at 2850 meters.  It is a cool park and one we are proud of.   Again, it has been years since we went hiking there.   We bought a pass to drive to the top to see the views and take pictures.   We drove down after that about part way a took a hike where Kevin spotted a family of coati.   It was amazing to see one of them cross right over the path where we were walking.   As they passed through the woods you could see eight long tails sticking straight up between the trees.  I had never seen one in person before.  All new for me.

You will have to go to their blog to see the pics of Chipinque and I encourage you to, we have a beautiful national park.   Travels With Kevin and Ruth

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