Tuesday, November 6, 2012

USTVnow - Watch Live American TV Shows Online

This is a pretty good thing that I want to share with everyone.  We gave up cable last year because in general it sucked.  Too many channels and nothing good to watch.  We picked up Netflix Mexico which we like but I still wanted national news from the U.S.   I found USTVnow and have used it since January.  You get free cable on line with the option to add more channels at cost.  In the 10 months we have had the service we have never received an email selling us anything.  We have access to six channels, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Fox.  The feeds we receive in terms of local news are from Harrisburg, PA.  Not sure if that is the way it is all over the country.  Trouble free and hassle free.
The promotion below is to encourage newcomers to join and what we receive is 20 hours of free DVR service that we can delete when it is full and add more shows or programming.  It is a good deal and if you are interested, click the link and join.  Pass it on to your friends and you too can get the free DVR service.  We love it and it has worked all over Mexico and the U.S.   I will say I have not reported an access problem we have with the PBS channel but it is on my list.  Other than that, it has been trouble free.  
I don't think I have ever done this on the blog, but it is worth sharing.  No strings attached and if you aren't interested, no problem.  Enjoy!

USTVnow - Watch Live American TV Shows Online: USTVnow lets you watch all your favorite US television channels from anywhere around the world.



  1. Thanks for the encouragement to join the site. Have a question, is this good for wireless where one has limited total data plans? Streaming video uses a lot of gigs. Is this for land line use only if you cannot get an unlimited data plan?

    Thanks, rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. Roc, it always seems we are connected via wifi wherever we are. We hardly ever use our stick. So, your question is a good one. I may just get out the stick and give it a try. Thanks for asking.

    Anyone who signs up can recommend friends and also receive the free DVR hours for every five people they sign up.

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  5. have it on roku3 its great!!! canadian living in cancun

    1. I also use Roku streaming stick with the USTVNOW private 3rd-party app. I started with the costly Apple TV until I realized that it did me little good in Mexico. Roku and USTVNOW was what I really needed. I too mix this with Netflix Mexico (previously Netflix USA with VPN which is now blocked). I initially used USTVNOW for only the USA networks ... but as a CNN junky, I finally became a paid subscriber. Now I also watch programs on A&E and FX.