Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Ready To Go!

I didn't arrive home from Mexicali until 9:30 Saturday night. Relaxing but long was the day. I was fortunate enough to stay at a nice hotel, the Crown Plaza, which has a fantastic gym and very comfortable rooms. I was able to sleep in, work out, have breakfast and then surf the net before leaving for the airport at 12:30.

Sunday I spent most of the day hanging around taking short naps. Later Sunday evening we went to a memorial mass for Juan's dad who passed away five years ago.

Today was rush, rush, rush. I had to turn in my invoices to the publisher so I might get paid the second week of January. I cleaned the house, worked outside in the trailer, and had some help raking the leaves. All the painting I had planned to do got done. So I am a happy camper. I also drove to Allende to check on our place there before leaving town.

Tomorrow we might take off before noon for San Miguel de Allende, if not first thing bright and early on Wednesday. I can't wait to see everyone who is there and meet those I haven't met in person but on the internet.


  1. Hi Chris,
    Feliz Navidad amigo, just been having a read on your blog, wondering if this lovely spot with pool and all is your full time home base? Sure looks inviting! Wishing you all the best for the New Year.
    Magic Carpet Pilot

  2. hi jacquie, yes it is our full time home. It's for sale if you are interested! It is located south of Monterrey.