Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Debate Over Food Prices In Mexico


Over on the forum there is a debate over food prices in Mexico. My personal opinion, after returning from a weekend in San Antonio, prices are much cheaper here. Many people say that the price of tortilla is now 12 pesos per kilo or more. That is the official price allowed by law in tortillerias. However, like any good shopper, you need to get out of your neighborhood and go the market or the supermarket on the Dia del Mercado. This is usually on Tuesday in Mexico. All the good produce is on display, leader prices are all over the store to attract customers. In all supermarket chains the price leaders are corn tortillas which are now 5.82 pesos per kilo, along with rice, beans, eggs, chile, tomatoe and onion.

You can also check prices on line via Profeco (Mexico's Better Business Bureau). Below is the link. Click on the major city nearest you and start shopping. You will find all the prices by product and by store, the most expensive and the cheapest. This link in the Profeco page is called, ¿Quien Es Quien? (Who's Who?). http://profeco.gob.mx/precios/menu_qq1.asp

Also, if you live in a major city or close by, you can do your grocery shopping on line. Soriana has an online shopping site where you can elect all your shopping needs from fresh meats, produce, drinks and cleaning supplies. I have found that their Soriana brand or generic does not appear in the lists. You have two options; delivery or you pick up the order later. Here is their site and you can also check prices on line: www1.soriana.com Click on Tienda Virtual Soriana.

I did some quick shopping this morning at HEB, they too have on line shopping. HEB stores are located in the Monterrey Metro area, Reynosa, Leon, Tampico, San Luis Potosi, Matamoros, Saltillo, and now in Piedras Negras. http://www.hebmexico.com/hebmx/default.aspxid=ailsYCIyBhaHp6oEtXiOlA%3d%3d

This is what I found on sale at HEB; bananas .22 lb., zuchinni squash .49 lb., white onions .38 lb., golden apples .58 lb., chicken thighs .35 lb., Hill Country Fare Ham (HEB brand) 2.49 lb, fresh shrimp 2.99 lb.

If you are buying off a truck that passes through the rv park, be leary of quality and most of all price because the owner usually buys at a supermarket on sale and hikes up the prices. Very common practice. People from around here buy at CostCo in bulk and then resell the products at a higher markup in their small neighborhood stores.

BTW, OXXO convenience stores now prices their products that you would buy in a supermarket competitively with those of HEB and Soriana.

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