Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Road To San Miguel de Allende

We left the house right on schedule at 7:30. As you can see the gypsy was one happy camper. We drove through Monterrey taking the truck route. Very simple coming from our house south of Monterrey on Hwy 85. Head north on 85, take Revolución as you near Constitución you will see the big red Holiday Inn. The exit on the right before crossing the bridge says, "Morones Prieto". Take it right and as you enter Morones Prieto take the first or second turn around and head north. That takes you all the way to the Autopista Saltillo which is a real chulada.

The good thing about the new autopista Saltillo is that if you are coming from Laredo or Reynosa you just stay on Hwy 40 and as you exit the ring of Monterrey you have the option of "libre" or "cuota". Excellent highway, no curves and as smooth as silk. Another big advantage is that it takes you to the Hwy 57 exit and if not directly to Monclova bypassing Saltillo. Another job well done.

We drove all day stopping for gas and a quick bite to eat. The roads were packed with holiday travelers coming from the U.S. and northern Mexico. All the toll booths were filled with employees directing traffic, giving out directions to confused travelers like ourselves.

We passed the exit for Dolores Hidalgo and continued south on Hwy 57 taking the Celaya exit. This takes you directly to SMA and just a couple kms from La Siesta RV Park. As we pulled into the park, just in time I might add, happy hour was taking place over at Croft and Norma's place. A crowd of about eight people all with their wine glasses held high. We got settled and had quite an evening. Today we head over to the other park in town for a potluck where Les and Mike and Terry Church are staying.


  1. Feliz Navidad to you and all the RVers there. I think you are making me miss being on the road.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your partner,Chris.Enjoy your RV holiday.I'm spending Xmas at Valle de Juarez,south of Guadalajara.What a beautiful area this is.