Monday, December 14, 2009

A Change In The Blog

I've made the decision to become more involved in my blog. It was originally intended to serve the needs of rvers and to throw in an occasional story about life in Mexico. All that is changing and it seems that I may be writing more on the side of living in Mexico as there are 1.5 million Americans living fulltime in Mexico as well as all the other foreigners from other countries.
As an rv addict, I will continue to share my rving adventures as they should increase starting this December.
One of the reasons I have made this decision is that there seems to be much disinformation about the country I now call home. I would like to share my point of view as well as dispell some or many of the misconceptions people have of Mexico. If I could accomplish one thing it would be to show that we need not be pitied. Mexicans are intelligent, understanding and hard-working people. We have many cultural differences and that may be the barrier between us.
I would like to remove this feeling of humility, charity and sympathy and convert that to working together to improve conditions so that Mexico can become competitive, rich and no longer looked down upon as the part of North America still considered "third world".
I realize I may lose some readers in my new direction but I hope to gain new readers and supporters along the way. I hope you stayed tuned and that we can all benefit from the change.


  1. I think this will be a good direction and that your voice is needed. It is a good group of people who blog about living in Mexico from an English speakers perspective, I think you'll be a great addition.

  2. Amen! They voice of truth is always interesting.

  3. Chris, think this is a better direction and also for us who are RVers. We will be able to hear from you more often!

  4. finally someone who thinks Mexicans shouldnt be looked down on.. that is soo frustating! so thanks for changing direction!

  5. It will definitely be more interesting. Experience is still the best source of knowledge and with you having to experience much with Mexico and its people, I believe we will learn a lot in your blog. I'm so glad that you came up with this decision. GoodlucK!

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