Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Road Work - When Push Comes To Shove

Beautiful sunrise at Quinta Aruanda!

It took a lot of effort on my part. I didn't want to get my neighbors involved. They don't actually live here, they visit on weekends or once in awhile. The road had gotten worse over the last year to the point where it was just about impossible to navigate because of potholes. I was a bit embarrassed over this last weekend when we had company from Canada.

I had been to the "presidencia" of our local municipality many times over the last three years. I sweet talked, I danced, just about anything that would help to get our road fixed. I know it will not be paved in my lifetime and that I really don't care. But please make it easy to navigate and appealing to those who come to visit.
My requests were always met with a "yes" and that it wouldn't be long. Well, in April I had just about had it and I shot off my big mouth. In a nice way, I explained that I had waited three years during the current administration to get some action and that nothing was happening. I then told the secretary that I would come back again with the newspaper reporter and the television action line reporter. I never did. Why? Our municipio is not part of the greater metro area. We are at the bottom of the list when it comes to news so I knew we wouldn't get much attention and besides that, in these times, I would have hated to p--- off a politician.

Well, he's gone now and three weeks ago I went and started my song and dance all over again. This time I was met with open arms and the Secretario had someone take me back to our street to show them what I wanted. He told me up front that the budget is slim (next to nothing I'm sure) and that they would do what they could with the equipment available.

They came, they saw and they left. I called them every now and then and the "promise" of sending the maquina was just around the corner. This is the beginning of week three and I was about ready to do the second half of my show. I called my contact and politely explained that my trust in them was running thin and I wouldn't want to have to go back to the "presidencia" and let them know what was not happening. "No, no señor, mañana va la maquina a su calle con el topografo". (don't worry mr. chris, tomorrow I am sending the bulldozer and the topographer to your street). I thought, "yeah, right".
Bright and early this morning the bulldozer was sitting there and when I came home this afternoon this is what I found.

Now we wait for the . . . . . . rest of the story!


  1. That looks like many of the roads off the "Carretera Nacional" south of Monterrey. I bet it gets even worse after rain! Hope the "municipio" fixes the road soon.

  2. Without drainage ditches on each side of the road and no crown to the road itself, it won't drain and will continue to deteriorate.