Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Can't Believe Obaman Said That

That he actually said that the U.S. should reduce illegal drug use.  Reduce? Reduce?  I think Mr. President it is more like "STOP" illegal drug use.  I know that is not realistic, but it should be the goal.  All I can say is, "thanks for helping us Obama".   

On to other things.  I have been pretty quiet this week only because I have been finishing up the remodeling of the bedrooms.  Never again will I own a cement block home with plaster walls.  Although it looks nice, it is a mess to contend with.   The workers will only do so much in terms of cleaning.  I asked one of the workers if he was married and he asked me why I was asking him.  I said it was obvious because he didn't know how to use a mop.

I'm a bit of a clean freak so I have spent this week cleaning dust from cement and plaster, paint splatter off tile floors and more.  Today I hung pictures, curtains and replaced switch plates.  Here are the almost final results.  

I think we have the insurance issue settled for the travel trailer.   So, this may be the weekend to take it out for an overnighter.


  1. The place looks great Chris! Can't wait to see it!

  2. I am hoping the situation changes this year and you guys come down. I would really like to do the New Year in Merida with Jonna and Mimi. I hope that works out. Party time!

  3. You got me curious. Is that a CFL bulb in the table lamp on the right, and ordinary incandescent in the lamp on the left? The way the one on the right is lighting the ceiling, it's almost like a sport light...unusual for a CFL.

  4. Sorry, that should have been "like a spot light...."

  5. hi phil,

    i was going to say something about the lamps. on the right is an older LED, it only shines up. On the left is a CFL. In the trailer we have two table lamps with newer LED bulbs that look and work like regular bulbs. Fantastic for battery use. Problem is, they are still pretty pricey. I will replace the lamp bulb on the right with the new bulb and we can see the diffence. Thanks for asking.

  6. Off subject but looking for information. When do you think Pemex will be offering ULSD fuel nationwide? Is there another link of stations then presently carry it since your link shows currently not available. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.