Saturday, March 12, 2011

Remodel Almost Finished

It looks much better now.  We eliminated that old rustic look that was dated and pretty much ugly.  You get used to things and you need to force a change now and then.  The workers finished with the plaster yesterday.  It will take a week for it to dry completely before they can come back and paint.  At less than 150 dollars for sealer, paint and labor for two bedrooms including one ceiling, I am willing to do that!

It was a tough week, I don't like having the house in a mess.  Today we spent about three hours very early this morning putting things back in order and cleaning up all the dust from the cement, plaster and sheet rock.  What a mess!

So here are some before and after pictures.  The big bed is now gone and we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor until we get our new bed.  Keep in mind that the plaster isn't dry and the furniture not in yet.

You can see the dampness on the walls.  We were hoping for rain but now it looks like it will pass us by so the process will speed up by a day or two.  Now for new furniture.  We need a new headboard to match our nightstands and a piece of furniture with a couple of drawers that acts like an entertainment center.  

All the outlet and switch plates are being updated and we need to choose the colors for the paint.  I am thinking about ordering a Holiday Inn bedroom set that includes the sheets, pillow cases, quilt and covers.  I love Holiday Inn.

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