Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Thieves!  I deplore them.  I keep my watch over people like a hawk and yet they still got me.  I was had and I didn't even know it.

When they installed the ceilings, I made it a point to sit in the living room watching them the two days they were here.  I never left the house.  This is a small, one story house and I had a bird's eye view of what they were doing.

In the spare bedroom we have a computer table with the old laptop, printer, answering machine, modem and router.  I covered the whole mess with a sheet and moved the table from one bedroom to the next so that I had access to the internet to entertain me while the workers were here.  Days went by, a week went by, and this morning I decided to remove the sheet and reorganize the cables.  Guess what!  No laptop.  Bastards.  I didn't even bother to check, it was old, worn out but contained photos and files.  Lots of files.

I remember one of the sheet rockers, he told me he had lived in the states for 15 years.  He speaks English and he told me he came back last year after his dad passed away.  He told me he was making 15 dollars per hour in the U.S.  Then, he told me he was renting a room downtown.  That made me suspicious of his story.   He left the second day with his backpack.

I even made them leave the house and I locked the door when I had to go buy materials.  Trust  no one.  So now, we will check their bags, tool boxes, etc. when they come and go.  They will just have to understand. 

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  1. Sorry to hear this Chris! You help people out by giving them work and they do this!

    I hope you have an external HD and have photos and docs backed up onto it!