Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Poor Come First (And Some Pictures)

🔅🔅🔅 There are some pictures at the end if you want to skip this first part 🔅🔅🔅

It's going to be one of those posts and you are free to leave now.  The campaign slogan for our current socialist dictator has been "primero los pobres" (the poor come first).  We need to take care of the poor through temporary financial support, education, and jobs.  Agreed.  

But think about this.  The plan for COVID vaccination distribution is first to the poor in remote rural areas.  Hmm, does that sound right?  Well, it is the plan.  Even though the incidence of virus and transmission is very low in rural areas and extremely high in concentrated areas such as Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, we are going to work from the outside in.   The current unofficial death toll from COVID is 300,000 and 140,000 officially, and we know that the virus is spread in concentrated areas such as cities, those areas will come last.  

In addition, the vaccine is being distributed first to health care workers; doctors, nurses, and hospital staff the private sector is not going to receive the vaccine under that umbrella but will be vaccinated based on age and physical condition.  Keep in mind that private hospitals agreed to take all non-COVID surgeries and any COVID overflow from public hospitals.  It's not as if they provide exclusive service to the rich.

Another example of how the president sees not only the pandemic but how the country should be run.  He has also denied any stimulus for big business not taking into account that without big business there will be fewer taxes paid and increased unemployment.  He refuses to recognize the formal economy and continues to praise the "so-called" underdogs of Mexican society.  Such a vengeful person. 

A senator from Nuevo Leon has made a statement that rings very true with most Mexicans.  "In the north, we have hard workers.  In the central part of the country we have the bureaucrats and government administrators, and in the south, those that prefer to rest".  And that my friends, is the truth about Mexico.

Now for a picture of a delicious banana bread, I made this week.  I combined whole wheat and regular flours which made it meaty yet remained soft.  It wasn't super sweet using just a bit of honey but the cinnamon on top and setting overnight really did the trick.

Came across a picture of these two rats.  I sure wish they were around now, we could use a little catnip mischieve.  They were definitely a pair.  I still can't believe Little Bit lived to be almost 20 years old.  He was such a great pet, my shadow for all those years.   But, if we want to travel in the near future we can't have pets.  Maybe when I'm old and gray and can't drive anymore I'll have a lap pet.

The picture was taken at Barra del Tordo.  If you weren't reading the blog then, you can see what it was like by clicking here Barra del Tordo  Those were good times, so carefree and fun.  We had the place to ourselves almost everytime we went.  That was then, this is now.


  1. I am always interested to hear your interpretation of what's really happening in Mexico. Totally agree that the plan for dispensing the vaccine is ass backwards.

  2. Thanks Kathy. A lot of people don't realize what is going on.

  3. I agree with Kathy. To have an opinion on what's "really" happening is very eye-opening. Thanks for that Chris. Wow, I hardly recognized you in the blue shirt in Barra!! Have a great week!!

  4. Nancy, that was before I went into the dark. I keep saying I'm going to come out of it but I'm not sure when. It's very convenient. :)

  5. Chris, now let me tell you what is going on in the US, more specifically Florida and its "Vaccine Tourism" program. And what a way for a state governor to get more tourists for its economy than drawing them in with the promise of Covid-19 vaccines. One lady from Argentina flew in specifically to get her shots and is staying with her daughter; after giving her name on CNN, she was asked the question as to whether or not she felt guilty about taking the vaccine from a Florida citizen; she said no, why should I. In addition, a Mexican couple from Mexico City was asked the same question, and they also said no because they spend a lot of time in Florida and that Mexico was a mess regarding the distribution of the vaccines. Governor DeSantis says he knows nothing about the "Vaccine Tourism," but of course he is a lying SOB. The citizens in Florida are livid and are now writing the Federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) to have their personnel to come down and take over distribution by asking the right questions on the forms and provide picture ID with current address. However, the CDC wants to punish him by delivery of less vaccine into Florida to make up the amounts he gave to people who flew in from Latin America countries and from abroad. But all that will hurt is the Florida citizens who got on line in the phone cue and couldn't get through for their shot appointment.

    Now the snowbirds are more courteous; they are domiciled in the cold states up north. They call their respective Health Dept lines, put their names on a list, give the Health Dept. their e-mail address and cell phone number, and while they are in Florida, they get an e-mail for their respective dates and times for their shots in their residence state. They tell me they either fly themselves or drive their vehicles back home to meet the appointments and then return to Florida for the warm weather.

    1. Dee, people will try to get away with whatever they can always wanting to be first in line for anything. They did the same thing in the pandemic of 1918, human beings don't change. Remember, if push comes to shove and there's nothing to eat, you'd better hide. They'll come and eat you!