Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Bunch Of Nuts!
News has it that a major developer is going to create a retirement community in San Miguel de Allende.  All of a sudden everyone is up in arms.  Why?  No public poll has been taken.  Wow, when was the last time in your home community they took a poll to see if you would mind a strip mall going in, a new convenience store or an office building?  Puhleeze!

Granted, it sounds a bit expensive.  The apartments would be renting for around 3000 dollars a month and the construction would include 400 units.  Why the opposition?  You think they would encourage new development seeing that they are always whining about how poor Mexicans are in SMA and they need help and if it weren't for them the city would wither and die.  Another, Ghaad!

Things change, and we hope Mexico changes too!  Throw a few bread crumbs to the folks who need work and want the same things that everyone else has.  After all, on one of the most popular "lists" for SMA, people are always searching for pesto, breadmakers, cappuchino machines, hoof di do and all the rest.  Why not let the locals get some of that.

I love SMA, but it won't remain the same forever.  Change is inevitable.   I guess some ex-pats long to see a woman lugging a jug of water on her shoulder, a baby strapped to her back, or a basket on her head filled with 10 kilos of empenadas.   Great, I'd like to see one of them do any of those tasks and then tell me how great it is to see "ole Mexico", Ole Ole, and cha cha cha!

Today's San Miguelenses want cell phones, flat screen televisions, air conditioning and more.  They're not going to sit around forever kissing some ex-pat's behind making a few pesos a week cleaning houses and washing cars.  Get with it people, Mexico is changing.

And to think that most of the ex-pats are complaining about the new immigration rules that require much higher retirement incomes to live in this great country.  Well of course, we have enough poverty around here, we don't need someone else's.   If the U.S. can't provide for their people well don't send them over here because we have cheap heathcare, rent, and groderies.   

As always, my post doesn't apply to the masses, but it does apply to those chosen few described above.


  1. i agree with every word Chris..thanks for posting Les in SMA!!!

  2. The "protected" part of SMA is a specific area. Most new building is outside that area - other than the Rosewood which is well within the protected area - did they protest that? There is almost nowhere else to build within the protected area - still some ground around Rosewood but I think that belongs to Rosewood? Places like Mega and Liverpool etc. are way outside the historical part of SMA. So do the protesters know where this proposed new whatever is going to be?

  3. A good rant my friend, well explained. But is that 3000.00 USD or pesos per month? I think the USD price is too high and the pesos price way too low.

  4. That's in dollars. A high price but it supposedly will be top drawer. There is a market for everything and if you can draw 400 people to live in a community like that it would bring a lot of business with it.

    Way too much for my blood but good for the city. I think the new mayor is on the right track with projects like this.

    BTW, Queretaro, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes are becoming well-known for their attraction to the auto industry especially Japan. Again, more jobs, better jobs and much higher wages than servicing ex-pats on the low.

  5. Yes we have a Mexican friend who has left his job as a waiter on the Isla to teach Japanese at the University of Aguascaliente for one of the auto manufacturers. Much better wages and recognition of his language skills.