Sunday, May 12, 2013

Relaxing Sunday - Rain - Family Visit

First things first.  Happy Mother's Day!

The love of my life with the love of her life! She made me butter and sugar sandwiches, jelly rolls, always had cracklin's when I came home from school on cold days, sang Que Sera Sera whenever someone had picked on me or I was sad. She told me I was special and that someday I would grow up like everyone else. Well, she was right and I did. Everything I am I owe to her. She left me in 1997 and I have never ever gotten over her. Happy Mother's mom!

Last night I was coerced into staying up until almost midnight watching SNL.  The guest host was Kristen Wiig who is a favorite of mine.  Sick minds think alike.  It was worth it but left me a bit tired this morning.   Afterall, I woke up at 5:45.  No matter what time I go to bed, I wake up early.   I checked arious blogs, read the RvTravel website and had my coffee.

About 9:30 the phone rang and family were willing to brave the thunderstorms to come out and visit.   Sounded good to me.   We had a light breakfast and then I went out into the rain to get the paper and some sodas for our guests.

Later on in the morning here came the troops.   They were armed with barbacoa, tortillas, milk, and coca cola.  So we had an early lunch.  I didn't have any barbacoa but ate a couple of tamales.  They are so good, light, thin, not a lot of masa, and were made with jalapeño and a sliver of cheese inside.  Top that off with Juan's salsa, man oh man were they good.

We looked at family photos, reminisced about our mothers, and chatted the rest of the afternoon.  Around 4 p.m. it was obvious I wasn't going to get my nap but by that time it didn't seem to matter.   Well worth it and fun to boot.  Always good to have company.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your Mom. The "Que Sera Sera" brought a tear to my eye.