Sunday, May 26, 2013

A CouchSurfer Comes To Visit

Our long awaited Couchsurfer, Angie, came to visit this weekend.  Angie was born in Mongolia and lived in the UK for many years.  She has lived in nine countries total in her short 25 years.  She teaches English at a school in Monterrey.   She had intended to run in a 10K this weekend but missed the registration.   We ended up going to the race anyway and that really worked up an appetite watching the runners cross the finish line.  Here is the first place winner as he crosses the "meta".

I took this panoramic shot of the town of Santiago, you should be able to click on it to enlarge the photo.  I love my town even though soon we may be moving,  in the next year.

 Here we are with Angie at the mirador overlooking the plaza of Santiago.   BTW, today was an exceptional day for tourism, you would think it was Semana Santa all over again. 

 Angie posing for the camera as we wait for the first runner to come into the plaza.  She is a wonderful person and we have invited her to come out and stay whenever she wants.   She is a great conversationalist and that must be because of her travels.  As I said, she has lived in many countries including Nepal, China, Japan,  Thailand, Holland, well, you get the idea.

 We went up to the waterfalls and this May thanks to recent rains we have some pretty good falls.

 We drove up into the mountains about 15 kms.  This is the route Kevin and Ruth took on their way south last time via Las Boquillas.   I thought about taking the rv this route.  The truck has a Hemi engine and I am sure there would be no issues, but it is very steep in some parts.  It has been a great weekend.


  1. Hi Wendy, yes it is! Cola de Caballo, or Horsetail Falls. Not so full of water as we are recovering from a drought. But I have to say, the park is in very, very good condition. I believe when David and Marina came, it was still pretty beat up from the last hurricane. It has undergona a complete remodel and one that will last for a long time. The moutain drive was fantastic too. I hope you guys get to stop by.

  2. Thanks for the Santiago pix; we're in dire need of a Mexico fix.

    Seems like couch surfing is a great way to meet nice folks, kinda like RVing without a RV.

  3. Isn't Couchsurfing an amazing thing. The people you get to meet and the conversations are wonderful, we love it! Cola de Caballo is a beautiful place. Glad you all had fun.