Sunday, May 19, 2013

End To A Great Weekend

Finished my workshop yesterday at 2:00 p.m.   The teachers were a great group and surprisingly very happy with what they learned.   Usually, U.S. teachers think they are a notch above the rest and kind of think we here in Mexico are behind.   I was a bit concerned about that in the beginning but as the morning went by we seemed to really hit it off.  One thing that really bothers me though is the ideas that people have just miles from the Mexican border.  All of the the teachers asked me if I was afraid to live in Mexico and that it was a dangerous place.  They said I was the first person they knew who said it was a beautiful and fun place to live.   BTW, all of these teachers were either Hispanic or born in Mexico.   
I got home right around six in the evening.   I had stopped at the bank first to make a deposit before crossing the border.  No hassle or questions going home although this time it was really hot outside and I don't have any tinting on the VW windows.   I may do that this month but I want the clearest tint availabe.

Got up at 6:30 this morning.  Right, I overslept quite a bit!   We had a wonderful homemade breakfast, quesadillas, eggs with salsa, potatoes and beans.    Delicious.

This afternoon one of Juan's brothers stopped by with his wife and kids.   The boys took advantage of the pool but only after I coaxed their mother into letting them swim.   She doesn't like for them to ask for anything when they are here so I always push the issue.  They're kids and I like to feed them stuff that we don't eat.  I loaned them a couple of swim trunks and off they went for a couple of hours.

I think I have pinned you know who down to some dates for summer.   We have to wait for a permit from the education department in June and then we can take off.   So now I am pushing for a date.  The heat is already upon us and we (I) and suffering from the dreaded humidity mix.  Awful.  Next weekend we will be hosting a couch surfer from England who lives in Monterrey and will be running in a 10K here in Santiago.   We are excited to meet her and it is always fun to show people around.

This week I will be volunteering at the school in Allende on Monday and Tuesday in the morning.  Wednesday I am giving a talk to seniors graduating from the agricultural university in Saltillo.   A busy week but lots to keep me busy.

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