Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Playaboy Makes A Stop In Monterrey


Barry, better known as Playaboy (on Rv.Net) from Playa del Carmen (just moving to Ajijic area), stopped through Monterrey on his way home today.   Barry had some business at the border last week and contacted me to ask about the best way to get from the border to the airport in Monterrey.   I told him to take the bus out to Monterrey and I would pick him up at the bus station and take him to the airport.

His flight left at 8:45 this evening and he arrived at the bus station around 4:30 and we headed out to the airport stopping for a late lunch on the way.   We talked up a storm about Mexico, living here and a lot about ex-pats and all the new changes going.

I think we hit it off pretty good.  Barry likes Mexico a lot and looks at it from a much different perspective than ex-pats living in ex-pat communities.   We arrived to the airport, had a coffee and talked some more before I decided it was time for me to go home and he needed to catch his flight.

Made for a fun afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm off for Saltillo for my talk to the graduating class of 2013.  I will present a talk on personal finance called, "Como Puedo Vivir Con Lo Que Tengo" (How can I live on what I make).

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  1. I saw you left a comment on K & R's site. Our plans are to come to Mexico next winter. Hopefully we can use your place as a stop over on our way down. I sure would like to meet you. I am picking K&R's brains about how what and where. but it all sounds gooHave a good day Wendy my e mail is rwsimard@yahoo.ca