Friday, May 10, 2013

Got Off Easy This Time

This week the air conditioning went out in the Volkswagen.   On Wednesday I took it to Monterrey where we have been going for a/c work since 1990 or maybe before.   It is a long drive from here and it took me about an hour.  I got there and the owner's son was alone.   He took a look at it and said it had enough freon so it must be something electrical.   He said I would have to take it back and leave it.  Yesterday I worked in a school in the morning and then I had a conference call from Dallas later in the morning.   I decided to wait until today to take it in.

I got up early and headed to the gym.  The instructor asked me why I wanted to drive all the way to Monterrey when there are several talleres here in Cercado and Santiago.  I told him I knew the guy for years and I trusted him.  While I was working out I started thinking how much time I could save if I did go to a local shop.  

As I left the gym I decided to head to Monterrey.   Traffic was still thick as today is Mother's Day and it is really a big event here.  People driving here and there buying flowers and gifts.   In fact, all the intersections had flower venders selling roses and balloons.   There is a huge street market on Fridays where I was headed and that was another road block.  

I pulled into the taller and the owner was there.  I haven't been there for at least three years and when he say me he said, "whatever it is guero, it will cost you 10,000 pesos".  I asked him if I could make 100 peso weekly payments and he said he would think about it.  I opened the hood and he looked around as I turned on motor and the compressor.   I could see him shaking his head and he asked if I could leave it.  Oh brother I thought and I then asked if he could check some basic things because it would take me a long time to get home on the bus and come back.  He went for his meters and gadgets and started working.  He pulled an electrical plug and did something to it with a meter and a tool.   He asked me to try the a/c again.   I stuck my hand in the dash and sure enough it was blowing cold.   Total price, 100 pesos.   We chatted for a bit and off I went a happy man.

Juan is recovering nicely from his knee surgery.  Torn meniscus and I have to tie him down or he is all over the place.  That's what the doctor wanted.  Guess he'll be as good as new in a week or two.


  1. Did Juan tear his knee table dancing?....B

  2. Glad to hear that both Juan and the car are recovering.

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  4. That's our Juan! All our best to him.

    Good deal on the A/C!